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Martial Arts For Peace.

W. Holloway is the head instructor of Aikido Heiwa - Martial Arts for Peace. He is a student in several disciplines of Japanese Bujutsu including Aikido, Nihon Goshin Aikijutsu, and traditional Japanese weapons (Sword and Staff).

Mr. Holloway is an instructor of the Aikikai, and ASU organizations, and has also been certified to teach the NGA system, however he likes to approach all training more as a student.

"Holloway's true love for the practice of Aikido and learning is very apparent from the first moment a visitor enters the dojo and sees a class. Aikido Heiwa is a great place to train and make friends. The senior students who also teach bring a wonderful and unique energy to thier classes."
Practical martial arts education and uplifting, personal growth through hard training are our main goals and fun is what we have while learning.

Visitors are always welcome. If at all possible please call ahead so that we know you are coming, but if you are in the neighborhood, just drop in.

The Dojo (School) location:
6812 196th St. SW., Lynnwood WA, 98036.
We can be reached by email :

By phone:
425 - 774 - 0915
From I-5 North or South, get off at exit 181A or B for 'Lynnwood', (see map below) then head west on 196th for a little less than 2 miles. We will be on the left (south) side of the main road west to Edmonds. You will cross 44th, Hwy 99, and 68th. We are just after the light at 68th.
From Hwy 99, just head west onto 196th for a bit over 1/4 mile.
From Edmonds, near the Sound, head up the main road, as if going towards Lynnwood and Alderwood. The dojo will be on the right (South) side of 196th about 1/3 mile after 76th.

Aikido Heiwa is a Cultural, SELF - DEFENSE and RECREATIONAL Martial Arts organization for all people in all walks of life. Whatever your age, sex, or physical abilities, we will try to tailor your training to your own pace. We require dedicated students so please plan to visit and watch at least 2 classes before applying for enrollment. We want students to take their decision to train seriously and not as a whimsical choice.

We have a full schedule of classes for Men,Women and Children as well as for families who want to train together. There are relaxed training sessions as well as more formal and intensive "Budo" classes with a heavier work load.

Our schedule also includes mid-day "AikiFit" with flexible times for working / commuting folks that want to come in and practice during the day. The schedule will also grow as the dojo needs arise.

What we do:

Enjoyable martial arts training. The training is also providing skills that can be used more practically (since statistically most people do not get attacked), like increased coordination, balance, physical fitness and the confidence to work through everyday situations. We learn safe falling techniques to eliminate fear of the ground. Martial arts training should be about overcoming fear and tension.

PRACTICAL MARTIAL ARTS AND SELF- DEFENSE TRAINING. Techniques designed for an individual's practice. Whether you want strict self-defense, or simple training fun, or both as your focus, we should have a class to fit your lifestyle and physical abilities.

At Aikido Heiwa we have NO HIDDEN COSTS and our special event and seminar fees are reasonable.

Please Visit our Schedules page for Tuition fees, & classes.

Please come to the dojo and visit any time you like. If you are interested in training please come and watch a few classes and a weapons class. This gives you time to get to know us and what we do, and it gives us time to get to know you.
If you decide that Aikido Heiwa is right for you, and we feel that you will be a good fit with the group, you will get an application and will need to arrange the starting date for your beginner's orientation. Uniforms are available for sale and a plain white Judo style "Gi" will be needed but may need to have the sleeves and legs hemmed and tailored, so sweats may be needed on the first class or two.

Please be prepared for some exercise. Body, feet, and hands MUST be clean and nails clipped, clean and free of sharp spots, as Aikido requires partners practice with other people and hygiene and safety must always be a priority.

Our facility has spring water, a clean rest room, and separate dressing rooms.

Love the outdoors? So do we! OUTDOOR CLASSES IN THE PARK! We do them many times during the summer months.Train among the trees and sunshine.
"One of the best training experiences anywhere around!"


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