One of the classes we held in the woods among the trees of the Cascade Mountains. Our annual summer retreat was a big hit and attended by about 30 students and their families in 2004. We trained and went swimming, ate well and played lots of games. It was just too short! It was even better this past summer. About 35 people attended and the weather was perfect.
Kid's class in the woods.
2005 Aikido Heiwa Summer Retreat. Bowing in the Saturday afternoon Kid's Class under the dojo's outdoor class canopy.
Billy leads Mr. Holloway towards a throw during the kids training at the 2005 Summer Retreat.
Hiroki proceeds to pin his instructor to the mat as Camaris looks on at the other students training nearby.
Adult students practicing "Suwari Waza" (Kneeling Techniques) during the Saturday morning adults class. The summer retreat always includes lots of training but the main focus is on fellowship, fun, and getting away from the city. Oh we also eat a lot!!! Good times.
Robert demonstrates an "Irimi" (entering) technique with Fran as the others watch.
Not just mat time. Must have river time too!!
Two of the kids play in the Wenatchee River. The river was lower this year, but a nice temperature. The salmon were visable in large groups in a few of the deeper holes in the river. One group must have been at least 200 fish thick!
Back to training after a good swim!
Pin him down K.C., he seems to like being stuck there!
Andy and Robert during the Sunday morning class.
Mr. Holloway and Andres (not that you can see him too well,) training together for the last time before Andres headed off to college. A sad time for any school, when losing a good student and friend. "Come back soon Andres!"
These are a few images from a summer OUTDOOR CLASS in a park in Lynnwood WA.
We have these classes regularly throughout the summer at various parks around the city of Lynnwood or sometimes on the beach at Edmonds, WA. They are a big hit, even when it is hot out.
Mr. Holloway teaches a variation on the "Nikyo" or 'wrist in-turn' principle technique. Training outdoors brings a real sense of peace and enjoyment to a typical class session.
John Ellis, one of our beloved students is seen here, (facing the camera, 2nd from the right,) training with his partner. In 2007, John was killed by a truck on I-5. We miss him terribly. Blessings to his family.
A class of beginners works on some basic weapons practice with the JO, a short oak staff weapon.
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