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NOVEMBER 23 - 24th, 2013

George Ledyard - Sensei was be back at Aikido Heiwa for a 2 day seminar.

Open Enrollment. Email Mr. Holloway to be added to the list. Ledyard Sensei will be focussing on several facets of improving and applying the work of Kihon Waza among other things. Any affiliation welcome. We will be conducting two Yudansha tests as well, during this great event. Starts at 12:30 pm each day until 5pm. 80 for weekend or 45 per day. Please plan on attending whole event as a training theme will be carried through the two days.

Annual Summer Retreat was at the end of August. We were at the Skagit River in Concrete, WA again this summer. Family, Friends some food, toys, camping, Movies, Disc golf, hiking and all sorts of things happend and we had a blast.
We'll be back at the Gill's cabin on the Skagit again next year. Beautiful place.
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