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Alternate P. E. credits.

AFTER SCHOOL Study and Training program.

In today's society more and more parents are turning to the Home School option for educating thier children. In fact Home School resource centers have popped up everywhere to assist parents in their pursuits to educate thier children in better ways.
At Aikido Heiwa, we strive to teach teens and children good life lessons as well as good martial arts. We want to help parents to see thier children grow and to excell at everything they do. This includes Physical Fitness Education ( "P.E." ), which is hard for Home School students to get, and hard for parents to teach. P.E. in the school systems nowadays is also not as important it used to be, and is even "optional" in some schools, which has contributed to a dramatic increase of unhealthy kids and teens in America. We, at Aikido Heiwa wish to help our community's youth to be healthy and happy, by offering fun physical activity in the form of martial arts training, as well as other athletics. Currently, we offer private solo or private group classes for school students during the day, in addition to our regular afternoon and evening class schedule. Call to make arrangements.
Letters of school CREDIT and Recomendation are available. High School credits for P.E. available with signed authorization from school.
We are developing an after school program for study and homework, before the afternoon youth classes in Aikido begin. Parents and teachers are encouraged to contact us in regards to helping to grow this valuable and needed program.

We are looking for methods of after school transportation and or carpooling, and mentors to be here to help kids study and do homework before afternoon classes.

This is NOT daycare, but an extension of home and school, to help busy parents to cope with family schedules after school lets out, and to nurture the kids and give them a disciplined environment in which to grow. We offer places to study, relax, a WI-FI online network for people with laptops, and other amenities. Please contact Mr. Holloway if you are interested or have ideas in how to help, or a child you would like to enroll.
AIKIDO HEIWA'S Three Available Children's Programs :

1) KINDER-KEIKO is a "game centric" program for children 4 to 8 years of age. We have been developing this class for a few years and have had wonderful experiences with the kids. The program is less focused on martial arts techniques, and more centered around developing, polite, happy and healthy kids, with an aptitude for learning and helping others. Excercise, Positive Interaction and Love!
2) Kid's Aikido = Ages 8 - 12 yrs.

Basic and fun calisthenics and stretching start every class. Kids, more than ever, need physical activity and excercise on a daily basis, and here they will get plenty of it! We want kids to have strong bodies, not just strong video game fingers!
Curriculum is a combination of Aikido techniques, and basic karate (Strikes, blocks, parrys, and kicks). Self-defense skills and peaceful interaction are a big theme in this age group's classes at Aikido Heiwa.

Because age, body size, grace, balance, personality, and strength will differ between students, the daily curriculum requirements are flexible, so that different children can work together, and practice a variety of techniques that will accomodate these differences. This means that each student can work at his or her own pace. As skills progress, a student frequently gets to test his or her self-defense techniques on a variety of attacks with his or her fellow students. This helps to polish the skills so that with regular training, reaction to attack becomes second nature. With regular martial arts training, self-confidence is gained so that one can be calm in stressful situations in all walks of life, whether it be sports, schoolroom or playground, or in a real crisis.

3) "Youth In Budo" = Ages 11 - 13. Special class for the older kids and young teens, set up to help with the transition to ADULT training and classes. Class includes a harder workload, more technically challenging martial arts based curriculum, and more self-defense training scenarios. While still a fun training environment, the "YIB" students are expected to train hard and learn more material.
4) Teens = Ages 13 - 17 yrs.

More than any other group of students, teens are the toughest to teach dedication and discipline to, yet a martial arts school is more likely to do this than any other environment found in our society. At Aikido Heiwa teens are encouraged to show thier individuality and to develop honest relationships with each other and thier parents. Mr. Holloway teaches from a "no-nonsense" martial arts background, while blending in the real-world experiences he has had, with a "life is SUPPOSED to be fun" attitude. He wants teens to express themselves, and teaches about life skills, avoiding bad experiences, how to cope with peer pressure, and many of the other worries that parents have about thier kids. He has been a youth counselor and teacher for many years. Teens classes occur monthly in addition to the weekly daytime P.E. classes that are scheduled during the school year. Teens are also welcome to come to the adult classes.

Mr.Holloway, the dojo's head instructor, works with one of the kids during an outdoor class at our annual summer retreat in the Cascade Mountains.
I have been teaching children for over a decade. I love it. I think my patiance, attention to the children's wellfare, as well as their enjoyment is apparent right away. I try not to focus on the martial arts education alone, but also on the child's education beyond the mat. Manners, good vocabulary and grammar, an understanding of human biology, structure and hygiene, (so that kids learn to take good care of their bodies,) and even physics (to help them better understand the martial art they are learning, as well as the world outside,) are all part of the education process at Aikido Heiwa. We try to reinforce the good lessons the kids get at home, which helps validate that mom or dad are always looking out for their best interests.

W. Holloway


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