The Cascade Mountains and the Skykomish River provide a wonderful dojo for some personal sword training.

(Yeah, the above scene's sequence was part of an exercise, but not fake though. Multiple attacker practice is important.)
Whether it be one-on-one, multiples or attacks with weapons, the self-defense system taught at Aikido Heiwa has a wide range of techniques that can be effectively employed for practical control of one's assailants.
In the above sequence two unarmed attacks were delivered by the Ukes (attackers) who ultimately ended up pinned with joint locks as a third attack came in with a wooden knife. The second uke was turned into the path of the knife stab and became a human shield. After the first two Ukes were on the ground Nage (thrower) could step in and disarm the third Uke with the "knife". Another joint lock was used to create submission from the third attacker and break his balance. With this joint lock the weapon was also controlled and could be removed from Uke's hand as he turned his attention to his pending introduction to the Earth! Aikido often uses a "change of channel" or diversion such as FALLING to diffuse an attack. In this case falling made the attacker not care as much about holding onto the knife, and the carefully applied pain in the wrist lock made the fingers open up, releasing the knife anyways.
In a different weapon disarming defense, an elbow hyperextension is applied in combination with a balance break to control an Uke and keep the weapon hand usless for any further attacks.
Stepping in and under the attacker creates a high powered tripping technique. The joint lock assists Uke over.
The same joint lock applied to the "knife" wielding Uke in the top pictures, is seen here in a control of an unarmed attacker.

"Shiho Nage" ( four sides throw ) is a very effective joint lock and balance breaking technique found in the main curriculum of most Aikido schools. Notice how Nage is completely balanced and calm but Uke is falling backwards and standing high on his tip-toes, off balance. The locking of the joint causes the body to rise and the whirling motion backwards causes Uke to follow and stumble to the ground, since walking backwards on the toes is not a natural movement.This is one of three different methods to perform shiho nage, that are commonly taught at Aikido Heiwa.
The Nihon Goshin Aikido Association celebrated its 40th year of organized teaching in the United States on September 13th, 2003. (Actually the anniversary is on the 12th.)

Students from all over the US went to New Jersey to meet and visit, and pay tribute to the founding member of the group, Richard Bowe - Shihan. (Seen here with Holloway, being presented with a portrait, as a gift from the Heiwa Dojo students.)

Although Aikido Heiwa is also a dojo of the ASU organization, Mr. Holloway recieved an instructor's certificate with the Nihon Goshin Association. He has participated in some of the NGA Association's events, and teaches weekly NGA classes. ("Taijutsu")
The woodwork and arrangement of the Shomen ( "High Seat" ) was built by Holloway. The scroll says: Mushinnishite Daidoni Kisu = No - Mind.

It is a reminder to be humble and open to new ideas. "To empty one's cup, is to provide space for new experiences." It is our dojo's motto.

The ink circle is "Enso", a representation of life, complexity, simplicity, emptyness, yet fullness, to end and to begin, all things visible, all things unseen.
Children really love to train and play at the Heiwa school. In the non-competitive, loving atmosphere the kids develop better personality traits, and the don't get as bored as they would in a typical martial art dojo, like those found so commonly in every shopping plaza.
Mr. Holloway poses with Phelps - Sensei in front of the old Buffalo NY dojo. Shortly after this he moved to Seattle, and Phelps moved the Dojo to Depew, NY. Holloway painted the windows as a gift to Phelps - Sensei.
Mr. Holloway looks on as students practice together on an "application" for escaping gripping attacks from the rear during a Nihon Goshin seminar.
David Morris -Sensei and Will Holloway training in Morris' Redmond WA dojo. Mr Morris is a Nidan with the Nihon Goshin association.
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