FALL schedule 2014

MON: (With Student Teachers or Mr. Holloway)
Daytime Private Lessons available.

TUE: (With Mr. Holloway)
Daytime Private Lessons available.
4:30pm "Kokoro Kids" Ages 5 - 7.
5:30pm Youth 8 - 14.
7:00pm AikiFit Workout.
7:20 - 8:25pm Adults General level Practice Class: Kihon Waza / Basics.
8:30 - 9:00pm Adults Nihon Goshin Aikijutsu "Classicals" technique class.

WED: (With Student Teachers or Mr. Holloway)
9:30am AikiFit Workout. (Please schedule ahead or Call.)
10:00am Aikido General / Basics. (Please schedule ahead or Call.)

Daytime Private Lessons available until 4:00pm.
4:30pm "Kokoro Kids" Ages 5 - 7.
5:30pm Youth 8 - 14.
6:30pm Adults Weapons "Bukigeiko". Open weapons practice.
7:00 - 8:25pm Adults Weapons "Bukigeiko". General level.
8:30 - 9:00pm Adults Weapons "Bukigeiko". Seniors only. (Must be into "Kumi-" waza.) Advanced Techniques; 2 Sword, Patrol Jo, Bo

THU: (With Mr. Holloway)
Daytime Private Lessons available until 4pm.
Future evening classeswill be scheduled when available.

FRI: (With Mr. Holloway and Student Teachers occasionally)
Daytime Private Lessons available until 4pm.
4:30pm "Kokoro Kids" Ages 5 - 7.
"Youth in Budo"Ages 8 - 15 / Teens. Invitation only, Advancing Youth class.
7:00pm - 7:20pm AikiFit Workout.
7:20 - 8:25pm
Adults "Goshin Jutsu". Applied Self-defense Aikido.
8:30 - 9:00pm Adults Aikido, Randori / Advancing Practice. "Training to the test."
(Attendance by skill-level Invitation).

SAT: (Student taught or with Mr. Holloway.)
8:15am - 9:25am Women's Self-Defense.(Please schedule ahead or Call.)
9:30am -10:25am Adults Aikido, General / Basics.
10:30am - 11:25am Family Aikido. ALL ages welcome youth and adults. Younger "Kokoro" or "Kinder" kids should only attend with their parents who train.
Daytime Private Lessons available after 1pm until 5:00pm.
(1:00pm Seminars and Intensives, WHEN SCHEDULED )

SUN: (1:00pm Seminars and Intensives, WHEN SCHEDULED ) No Regular classes.
Daytime Private Lessons available after 1pm.

For those interested, relaxing in the dojo Tea Room with fellow students & having Japanese Tea sometimes follows adult classes and mat sessions.

"Kokoro Kids" = (5 - 7) "Heart & Mind". A "game centric" program for children 5 to 7 years of age. We have been developing this class for a few years and have had wonderful experiences with the kids. The program is less focused on martial arts techniques, and more centered around developing polite, happy and healthy kids with an aptitude for learning and helping others. Exercise, Positive Interaction and Love! Class placement is NOT concretely determined by age, but by the child's readiness for group work.
$90.00 per month 3 classes available per week, plus Sat morning with parents.
Parents are encouraged and welcome to join in, no tuition. Class placement for child is determined by Instructors, not by age or by parental requests. (Parents need uniform.)

"Kid's" = (8 - 14) Aikido program for children, designed to develop strong bodies and minds while instilling a sense of good values, partnership, cooperation and peaceful interaction. Conflict resolution and courtesy are main themes for the program. Classes are structured for all ages. Students may be broken into different age / size groups for some training exercises and partners practice. $100.oo per month: 4 classes per week + Open mats.

"Youth In Budo" = (Youth Advanced students.) Special training for the more advanced kids and young teens, set up to help with the transition to adult training and classes. Class includes a harder workload, more technically challenging curriculum and self-defense scenarios. While still a fun training environment, the "YIB" students are expected to train hard and learn more material. (Must test to get in.)

"Home School" = (11 & UP) Students in this program train at Aikido Heiwa for "Phys-Ed" requirements, additional school study time and Aikido and cultural studies. Students may also train in other regular classes appropriate to their age groups. Available to (Elementary,) Middle, and High School students in groups of 4 or more.
$85.oo per month 2 classes per week, or $20 per mo, added to any regular youth program. Will meet during the mornings in groups or one-on-one. Make Appointments.


"Aikido - General Level" = (15+) Relaxed, fun oriented practice environment. These classes are the beginning for new students who have started into "Basics". Students work as a family to help each other. Coordination, grace & personal growth are the main focus. Curriculum is primarily Aikido exercises for "movement and flow" plus techniques of the ASU testing curriculum. More advanced students may beak off to train at higher levels during this class.

WOMEN's Self-defense is a specific program for self-defense application and public awareness for Women and their partners. This class is available to NON-Members of the Heiwa Dojo.

"Randori" = (15+, or Instructor's invitation.) Randori practice is the multiple attacker, free flow training of aikido. "Chaos training." Includes weapons defense & "Jiyu waza", or rapid changes of technique as opportunity presents itself. Students who are approaching their Kyu tests may attend with permission from Sensei. Ukemi skills must be quick, confident & able to free flow from one to another.

"Weapons" = (Age 13+ or Instructor's discretion.) Focus is on traditional Bukigeiko using Bokken, Jo, and Tanto. (ASU testing requirements.) Practicing empty hand techniques is greatly enhanced by an understanding of sword and staff movements. Students must first attend 'BASIC Weapons' tutorial Thurs. from 6:30 - 7:00 to join the regular class.

"Goshinjustu" = (13+) Separate martial arts program, available to all registered students, or can be joined as a "stand-alone" program. Shares similar principles with our general Aikido work, but is taught in its own unique curriculum. Focus is on self-defense aspects of "bujutsu" or martial arts.

PRIVATE LESSONS= A great way to focus on a single subject of training, to polish it and improve is with the Private Lesson. Solo classes also help those with schedule conflicts and those who are getting over injuries or trying to improve while not training in regular classes. Private work is the best way to do Physical herapy work, getting over injuries or improving general fitness and health. Private Lessons are also a great way to work on weapons or testing curriculum. Only $60 per solo session or $75.00 for group. Schedules for daytime mostly.

Don't miss our SUMMER OUTDOOR CLASSESamong the trees in our beautiful local parks! Why be indoors when it is so pretty out?

The schedule of classes includes many sessions for adult students per week.
The YOUTH program is broken into ages 4 - 7, 8 -14, and 13-19. There are 7 classes total per week plus Open Mats. Parents are encouraged to join and learn with their children. (Recommended if child is accepted younger than 7! Required if 5 or younger.) This helps bond families and gives a safer setting for home practice with supervision. Parents are welcome in the afternoon children's classes as well as the Saturday morning session. Simply purchase a uniform, and pay the $60 annual dues, but no regular tuition is required to be there with your child. We encourage parents to also enroll in adult classes for themselves and to better serve their child's martial arts education.
The Kokoro Kids program is tailored to young kids and is very "Play Oriented",
The Kid's classes are 'game centric', and the techniques are similar to the adult's.
Older kids may attend the Youth In Budo classes, which have a harder workload, aimed at their growing minds and bodies, to prepare for adult classes.
Join us. We have a lot of fun.
An important note for PARENTS, thinking of registering their child:

Aikido Heiwa is NOT a day care facility. We do not offer our classes so that parents can get errands done. Parents, you should be PART OF your child's education. See what the kids are learning. Learn the curriculum as well so that you can help your child to excell and to study. I have no problem with folks running next door to get a coffee, but I do not want to see kids waiting at the door for me to arrive, and parents nowhere in sight! Occasional exceptions are always made, without any fuss, but I will not allow the "latch-key kids" trend to happen here. This is even more important with the younger Kokoro Kids students. Young kids sometimes have rough days. I need parents to be near by, in case of any problems. I hope you understand.


W. Holloway

Attendance is encouraged by all students for at least two classes per week unless excused by the instructor.

Please be at the dojo, IN YOUR UNIFORM, and ready to train at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class you wish to attend.

When attending class at Aikido Heiwa, please have a clean uniform, body, and clipped nails (so to not cause accidental scratches to partners). Also, if you are a smoker or work in a smokey environment, please make sure to be free of any smoke odors before coming in to train. Thank you.

Weapons classes ONLY:
$60.oo Reg. plus Monthly Tuition only $50.oo.
Registration: $60 dollars, includes uniform.

Sales or Promotions: We do not often have sales or promotions, as we believe our training is worth more than what can be so easily found in other places. However from time to time there may be some perks or specials available.
Current Special: Summer:
Buy 4 months get 1st month FREE!
Reg: $100.oo
Monthly Tuition:
E.F.T. billing.

Non-E.F.T. dues: $110.oo per mo.
Due before or by the 15th of each month.
Late payment fees apply!

Add family members & subtract 40% from additional tuitions.
Reg: $100.oo
Monthly Tuition:
E.F.T. billing.

Non-E.F.T. dues: $110.oo per mo.
Due before or by the 15th of each month.
Late payment fees apply!

Add family members & subtract 40% from additional tuitions.
Reg: $100.oo
Monthly Tuition:
E.F.T. billing.

Non-E.F.T. dues: $100.oo per mo.
Due before or by the 15th of each month.
Late payment fees apply!

Add family members & subtract 40% from additional tuitions.
Annual A.S.U. membership dues are paid by every member and instructor to the association each January. The $60.oo fee is included in registration fees paid by new members joining after Sept.1st and pays for the following year. New member Reg. Fees cover the dues to the end of the year if joining before Sept. 1st.
E.F.T. Electronic Funds Transfer. Free automated monthly billing from checking account, and credit card processing, with low card processing fee. Provided by Affiliated Acceptance Co.
Uniforms available: INCLUDED with new Registrations. Also available for purchase: $45.oo-$55.oo depending on size. +tx.
We sell top quality uniforms at very reasonable prices. Uniforms we sell are 16 Oz. heavyweight, JUDO style, 100% cotton. Not cheap thin poly-fibre uniforms.
These sell retail for $79.95 - $85.95 typically. Ours are only $40.oo to $55.oo, depending on size, plus WA tax. You have to have one, not fair for us to overcharge you!

Students may provide their own uniform. All uniforms must be clean, white, fold-over front (not V-neck), and be free of any patches. We prefer bleached white, Judo or Karate style. A White belt will be provided for new students. We provide all belts for promotions as a gift to the student, no charge.

6 Month terms: Standard (E.F.T. rate) per month prepaid, Get 1 private lesson FREE!

12 Month Term: Standard (E.F.T. rate) per month prepaid, get 3 private lessons for FREE!
Prepaid tuitions are non-refundable, but are forewardable if a leave of absence is required.)

**Also, students must give at least 21 days notice PRIOR to next billing period, to cease tuition for any reason. This is because we pay our bills a month in advance and this helps us to NOT NEED contracts like other schools have!

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to watch as often as they like to see what we do, ask questions, try some techniques and meet the varied students in our school. Please feel free to call ahead and come on in to visit.


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For more information please contact
Mr. Holloway. aikido.school@verizon.net
425- 774 - 0915


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